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Disney Characters That Start with A

Disney Characters That Start with A

Disney has brought us some of the most beloved characters of all time. But with hundreds of films released since the studio’s first movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937, there are literally thousands to keep track of.

So, who are some of the most popular Disney characters beginning with the letter A?

Some of the most popular Disney characters that start with A include; princesses Aurora, Ariel, and Anna from Frozen. Also, Aladdin (with Abu), Andy from Toy Story, Alice of Wonderland, and Alma Madrigal.

Some of the lesser-known Characters with names beginning with A include Arthur (of the sword), Anger, Anchor the shark, King Agnarr, Alan-a-Dale, Anton Ego, Archimedes, Art the monster, and many more.

Let’s take a closer look at all the Disney characters.


Abigail & Amelia (Aristocats)

Abigail and Amelia are a pair of aristocratic British geese. The twins are a bit gossipy and make fun of Thomas O’Malley, but they are good-hearted and help Duchess and her kittens travel to Paris.

Abigail (The Fox and the Hound)

Abigail is Widow Tweed’s milking cow who feels put upon when young Tod makes havoc in her barn and knocks over the pale of milk that she has just provided.

Abu (Aladdin)

While not the protagonist of the film, Abu, Aladdin’s monkey companion, often stole the show in the 1992 film.

Abu is a kleptomaniac who steals whatever catches his interest. But he is a moral character who is loyal to Aladdin and helps those in need (though sometimes reluctantly).

Acer (Cars 2)

Acer is a 1975 AMC Pacer car and an antagonist in Cars 2. He works for Professor Z, helping him disrupt the World Grand Prix.

He has always felt like an outcast, which motivates him to make trouble.

Achilles (Hercules)

Achilles is a Greek hero forgotten by almost everyone except for Hercules.

He was once trained by Phil, who mentioned him as one of the wannabe heroes that he trained. But one nick on the ankle, and he was a goner.

Prince Achmed (Aladdin)

Prince Achmed was one of the aristocrats that arrived to seek the hand of Princess Jasmine.

On arrival, he had a run-in with Aladdin when he threatened some street kids, and Aladdin told him to buy some manners. He was quickly rejected by the princess and her father.

Adella, Alana, Andrina, Aquata, Arista, Attina (The Little Mermaid)

The six older sisters of the young mermaid princess Ariel by King Triton.

The sisters are the first to notice Ariel’s change in behavior after meeting Prince Eric and deduce that she is in love. They celebrate her wedding at the end of the film.

Agnarr (Frozen)

Agnar is the King of Arendelle and, with Iduna, is the father of Elsa and Anna. He quickly grew concerned about Elsa’s powers and took her to the Trolls after the accident with Anna.

It was then Agnarr who kept Elsa locked in the castle and tried to teach her to control her abilities, with little success.

Al (Toy Story 2)

Al, also known as the Chicken Man, is a greedy toy collector. He gets his hands on Woody to make a complete set along with Bullseye, Jessie, and Stinky Pete.

He plans to sell them to a museum in Japan for his own profit.

Aladdin (Aladdin)

Aladdin is a poor but good-hearted street thief who falls in love with Princess Jasmine. His luck changes when he finds a Genie in a magic lamp.

He can now make wishes to pursue the love of his life. But the Genie causes chaos, and Aladdin must also protect the Genie and the kingdom from Jaffar.

Alameda Slim (Home on the Range)

Alameda Slim is a cattle rustler who is able to steal thousands of cattle in a single night. He does this with a unique yodeling ability that hypnotizes the cows.

Alameda ruins several farms in this way, including the Dixon Farm, which sees Maggie sold to a Patch of Heaven. He is eventually apprehended.

Alberto (Luca)

Alberto is a pre-teen sea monster that lives on the Italian island of Isole del Mare with no parental supervision.

When he meets Luca, he helps him to enter the Portorosso Cup so that the two of them can buy a Vespa and travel the world together.

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Alcmene & Amphitryon (Hercules)

Alcmene and Amphytrion are a mortal Greek couple who find the baby Hercules after he is kidnapped from Mount Olympus.

They raise him as their own but share with him the secret of his birth when he comes of age.

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Alice is a young girl with an amazing imagination. One day she follows a white rabbit with a pocket watch and finds herself in Wonderland.

She encounters many challenges and fantastic people as she tries to find her way home. She learns that she is more powerful than she imagines as she faces off with the Queen of Hearts.

Alisha Hawthorne (Lightyear)

Alisha is Buzz Lightyear’s commanding officer and best friend. She leads the ship called the Turnip when it crash lands and leads the efforts to build a ship to save them.

Alisha ends up stranded on the planet for many years, building a life for herself.

Alistair Krei (Big Hero 6)

Alistair Krei is the wealthy and ambitious CEO of Krei Tech. He attempts to buy Hiro’s microbots at the science show, but Robert intervenes, saying that he is an irresponsible scientist only interested in money.

This proves true later when he uses unsafe transportation technology.

Alan-a-Dale (Robin Hood)

Alan-a-Dale, a Rooster, is a member of Robin Hood’s band of merry men. He is a singing bard who begins the film by telling the story of Robin Hood and Prince John.

He often steps in as narrator, and he announced the return of King Richard.

Alma Madrigal (Encanto)

Also known as Abuela, Alma is the matriarch of the Madrigal family. She created the source of magic that passes to all of the family.

She is also the leader of the local community. Abuela encourages her children and grandchildren to use their gifts for the benefit of all.

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Alpha (Up)

Alpha is a Doberman Pinscher and the mean leader of a dog pack.

He has a special collar that allows him to talk. He is eventually ousted from his position by Dug.

Amelia (Treasure Planet)

Amelia is an alien who looks like a hybrid between a cat and a woman. She was the captain of the ship called “The Turnip” which took the team to Treasure Planet.

Over the course of their adventures to reach the planet, Amelia develops feelings for Dr Doppler, and the two eventually start a relationship.

Amos Slade (The Fox and the Hound)

Amos is the neighbor of Widow Tweed, and he becomes obsessed with hunting her pet fox Todd, despite the friendship between Tod and his own dog, Copper.

His obsession eventually leads him to be cornered by a bear and caught in his own traps. He is saved by Tod and get’s over his need to hunt him.

Anastasia (Cinderella)

Anastasia Tremaine is the youngest of Cinderella’s unkind ugly stepsisters. She is principally responsible for destroying Cinderella’s homemade dress.

She tries and fails to fit the glass slipper when the prince comes knocking.

Anchor (Finding Nemo)

Anchor is a hammerhead shark that Marlin and Dory encounter while searching for Nemo.

He is part of a pacifist shark group that does not eat fish. He is almost killed when an underwater mine explodes.

Andy (Toy Story)

Andy is the boy who owns most of the toys in Toy Story. The toys are usually trying to protect him and make him happy.

Life for the toys becomes difficult as Andy grows older and no longer plays with them as much.

Anger (Inside Out)

The red angry emotion of Riley’s five principal emotions. As well as having a hot temper, he is very controlling and thinks that he always knows best.

He has no patience when things aren’t “perfect”. He is usually happy when he is blowing off steam. But if things get too hot, his head can catch on fire.

Angus (Brave)

Angus is Merida’s shire horse and faithful companion.

He listens to her when she fights with her mother and stays by her side as she rides into danger seeking to change her fate.

Angus (Ichabod and Mr Toad)

Angus McBadger is a Scottish badger who is friends with Ratty and Moley.

He agrees to help Toad organize his affairs to pay his debts but becomes frustrated by his reckless behavior.

Anita (101 Dalmatians)

Anita Radcliffe, the wife of Roger Radcliffe, is the kind and sweet owner of the Dalmation Perdita. She was a school companion of Cruella De Vil.

She refuses to sell the puppies to Cruella. When Perdita and Pongo rescue the puppies, they move to a country home to care for them all.

Anna (Frozen)

Anna is a princess of Arendelle and the younger sister of Elsa. An accident with Elsa’s magic when Anna was a child left her devoid of love for many years. The two became estranged.

This eventually triggers an eternal war. This forces Anna to embark on a quest to save the kingdom and reconcile with her sister.

Anton Ego (Ratatouille)

Anton is the most acclaimed food critic in Paris. But he is known for being cutthroat and only giving scathing reviews. Anton’s bad review lost Gusteau’s restaurant a star before his death.

The critic agrees to return to the restaurant with Remy as a chef and gives them a glowing review.

Antonio Madrigal (Encanto)

Antonia is the youngest of the Madrigals, and his magical gift is to talk to animals.

He is one of the only members of the family that respects his non-magical cousin Mirabel.

Aphrodite (Hercules)

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty who makes an impression everywhere she goes and has her own theme song.

Apollo (Hercules)

Apollo is one of the Olympian gods sent to find Hercules when he is kidnapped from Mount Olympus but fails.

Later he is among the gods imprisoned and then saved by the new hero Hercules.

Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone)

Archimedes is Merlin’s pet owl and often the only voice of reason in the room.

He is often reminding Merlin of the many things that he forgets. He has a great fear of the witch Madam Mim.

Archimedes Q. Porter (Tarzan)

Archimedes is an English scientist who travels to Africa to study gorillas with his daughter Jane. He respects the gorilla community, which allows him to get close to them.

He also encourages his daughter in her love for Tarzan, and when she decides to stay behind in Africa with Tarzan, he stays too.

Arianna (Tangled)

Arianna is the Queen of Corona and the mother of Rapunzel.

It was her sickness while pregnant with Rapunzel and the healing draft that she received that gave her daughter special healing powers and therefore led to her kidnapping.

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

The youngest daughter of King Triton of the merpeople. Ariel is obsessed with the human world, causing great conflict with her family.

When she falls for Prince Eric, she makes a deal with the sea witch Ursula, trading her voice for legs. She must then convince the prince to marry her or lose her soul to Ursula.

Arlo (The Good Dinosaur)

The youngest of an Apatosaurus family, Arlo is afraid of everything. But he falls into a river and finds himself swept away from his family. He must brave the wilderness to find his way back.

Arlo develops a friendship with the human boy Spot. He learns that he is capable of more than he imagines.

Art (Monsters University)

Art is a furry purple monster who attends Monsters University.

He is an Oozma Kappa and a new-age philosophy major. He participates in the Scare Games with Mike and Sully.

Arthur (The Sword in the Stone)

An orphan raised by Sir Ector and known as Wart. He is being groomed as the squire for his unkind adopted brother Kay.

But A chance encounter with Merlin means that he also becomes the apprentice of the wizard.

Eventually, the boy pulls the sword from the stone. This reveals that he is Arthur Pendragon, the rightful heir to the throne of England.

Atta (A Bug’s Life)

Atta is the princess of the ant colony. She is preparing to take over from her mother as queen, and she is very nervous about the responsibility.

She grows more comfortable and relaxed thanks to her unlikely friendship with Flik.

Audrey Ramirez (Atlantis)

Audrey is the chief mechanic on the expedition to the lost continent of Atlantis.

She eventually turns against her captain when she realizes that he will destroy the people of Atlantis for his own gain and fights for their survival.

Audrey (Home on the Range)

Audrey is a nervous red hen on the Little Patch of Heaven farm. She panics easily and tends to lay eggs when she does.

She eventually helps the cows catch the cattle rustler Alameda Slim.

Augustin Madrigal (Encanto)

Augustin is the non-magical husband of Julieta and the father of Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel.

He is rather accident-prone, which gives his wife plenty of opportunities to use her healing magic.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Princess Aurora is cursed to die in the future on her christening day by the evil Maleficent. But three good fairies alter the curse.

When she pricks her finger on a spinning wheel, rather than die, she falls into a deep sleep. Only true love’s kiss can wake her.

Auto (WALL-E)

Auto is an auto-pilot robot built by the Buy N Large Corporation.

He becomes the antagonist of the film as he follows a 700-year-old directive not to let anyone try and return to the Earth.