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Disney Characters that Start with J

Disney Characters that Start with J

The Wonderful World of Disney is responsible for bringing some of the most memorable characters on the silver screen to life. But how well do you know them?

Can you name some of the popular Disney characters starting with J?

Disney characters that start with J include Jiminy Cricket, Princess Jasmine, Jane the ethnographer, Jessie the cowgirl, Judy Hopps, and both Jim Hawkins and John Silver on the Treasure Planet expedition.

There is Jack-Jack, John Smith, and Joy. Plus, villains Jafar and Prince John also start with J.

Read on for a complete list of Disney Characters beginning with J.


Jack-Jack (The Incredibles)

Jack-Jack is the youngest child of Bob and Helen Parr, otherwise known as Mr Incredible and Elastigirl.

The youngest of the superhero family is still developing his powers, but he can already transfigure himself, for example bursting into flames or becoming bulletproof.

When Syndrome kidnaps Jack-Jack, with the intention of raising him as his sidekick, the baby is able to save himself by turning into a small monster.

Jackson Storm (Cars 3)

Jackson Storm explodes onto the racing scene as the newest high-tech racer.

He’s got little respect for older cars like Lightning McQueen.

He is arrogant and confident, and can’t stand it when Cruz Ramirez beats him in an important race.

Jacques (Finding Nemo)

Jacques is a classy French shrimp who claims once to have belonged to the President of France but now finds himself in a dentist’s office.

Jacques controls the Ring of Fire in the tank, to initiate Nemo, and later to save him from the overzealous Darla.

Jafar (Aladdin)

Jafar is the Royal Vizier of the Sultan of Agrabah and pretends to be a trusted and loyal advisor to the Sultan.

In reality, Jafar is desperate to overthrow the Sultan and cease his power.

For this, he intends to get his hand on a magic lamp that contains a powerful genie.

Jake (The Rescuers Down Under)

Jake is a Kangaroo mouse who teams up with Miss Bianca in Australia to deal with Percival McLeach.

A typical tough-guy character based on Crocodile Dundee, he is not initially convinced that Bernard has what it takes to save the day.

But he soon finds himself teaming up with the other mouse.

Jane (Tarzan)

Jane travels to Africa to study Gorilla communities along with her father.

There she meets a wild man called Tarzan, and the two quickly fall in love.

She helps Tarzan save the Gorillas from the rest of the ship’s crew, who turn out to be hunters.

Jaq (Cinderella)

Jaq, along with his fat friend Gus, are the mouse companions of Cinderella.

They are her friends in her father’s house after his death when it is taken over by her stepmother and stepsisters.

When Cinderella’s fairy godmother shows up, Jaq and the other mice are changed into white horses to escort her to the ball.

James (The Princess and the Frog)

James is the father of Tiana. Living in New Orleans, he always dreamed of opening his own restaurant.

Sadly, he was killed in WWI.

His daughter Tiana goes on to try and fulfill his dream of opening a restaurant.

Jasmine (Aladdin)

Jasmine is the beautiful princess of the Sultan of Agrabah.

While she is very aware of her duties, she dreams of having a life bigger than the palace walls.

As the heir to power, she is expected to marry. This is made more complicated when she falls for the young street rat Aladdin.

Jasper (101 Dalmatians)

Jasper Badun, along with his brother Horace, are the henchmen of Cruella De Vi, and they are the ones who steal the puppies from the Dear house.

Jasper is the brains of the operation, but he keeps underestimating what the dogs are capable of.

Jeb (Home on the Range)

Jeb is a grumpy and pessimistic goat who lives on the Patch of Heaven Farm.

While he is always to point out what will go wrong, he is also selfless and works to protect the cows from the cattle hustler Slim.

Jebidiah Farnsworth (Atlantis)

Better known as Cookie, Jebediah Allardyce Farnsworth has a reputation as a sharpshooter and a man that can feed legions with almost nothing.

He joins the crew of the ship in search of the lost island of Atlantis.

Jenny (Finding Dory)

Jenny is the mother of Dory.

Along with her husband Charlie, she worked hard to help Dory function in the world despite her terrible memory.

Jenny is overjoyed when she is finally reunited with Dory after many years, and relieved that she was not alone, but made some good friends.

Jenny (Oliver and Company)

Jenny is a young girl in a wealthy family who decides to adopt the cat, Oliver.

She is also the owner of the dog Georgette.

Fagin tries to use Oliver to get money out of Jenny but has a change of heart.

Nevertheless, this throws her into the path of the villainous Sykes.

Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. (Zootopia)

Jerry is an African elephant and the proprietor of Jumbeaux’s Café.

He shows prejudice against foxes when he refuses to serve Nick Wilde and Finnick.

Jessie (Toy Story 2)

Jessie is a cowgirl doll from the Woody Roundup set.

She meets Woody when Al collects him to complete his set to sell to a collector in Japan.

She later becomes one of Andy’s toys and a leader among them.

She also becomes involved with Buzz Lightyear.

Jim Crow (Dumbo)

Jim is one of the wisecracking crows who meets the circus.

He claims to have seen everything, but he has never seen an elephant fly.

While he and his fellow crows initially make fun of Dumbo, they soon start to teach him to fly and become father figures to the young elephant.

Jim Dear (Lady and the Tramp)

Jim Dear, with his wife Darling and their young son, is the owner of the dog Lady.

He gave Lady to his wife Darling for Christmas and later adopts Tramp into the family as well.

Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet)

When Jim Hawkins learns about Treasure Planet, he decides to seek it out in the hope of using the treasure to create a better life for his mother.

While Jim finds he does not have the temperament of a pirate, his kind nature means that he finds a family aboard the ship.

Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio)

Jiminy Cricket is an anthropomorphic cricket who was appointed to be the living doll Pinocchio’s conscience by the Blue Fairy.

He accompanies Pinocchio on all his adventures and tries to teach him what he needs to know to be a real boy.

Jin Lee (Turning Red)

Jin Lee is the father of Mei. He knows about her weird abilities and tries to help her accept them and herself.

He is among the first to accept that the panda transformation is essential to Mei’s confidence and growth.

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Joanna (The Rescuers Down Under)

Joanna is a monitor lizard who belongs to McLeach, but he does not treat her well, often blaming her when things go wrong.

She tries to eat the Marahute eggs, but Bernard replaces them with rocks.

Jock (Lady and the Tramp)

Jock is a Scottish Terrier. A pet dog like Lady, the two are friends.

He is the one who reveals to Lady that Darling is acting differently because she is pregnant.

While Jock does not initially like Tramp, he accepts him after Tramp saves Jim Jr from a rat.

Joe (Lady and the Tramp)

Joe is one of the Italians who works at the restaurant and has taken a liking to Tramp.

He cooks a spaghetti dinner for Tramp when he shows up with Lady.

Joe Gardner (Soul)

Joe is an aspiring jazz musician still waiting for his big break at 46.

Meanwhile, he is working as a middle school teacher.

When he accidentally steps into the cosmic world, he is forced to reassess what is most important in his life.

John (Peter Pan)

John is the middle child of the Darling family between Wendy and Michael.

He is mature and intelligent, but still has the heart of a child.

John becomes the leader of the Lost Boys, and they are all captured by Captain Hook.

John Ratcliffe (Pocahontas)

Governor John Radcliffe leads the English landing in Pocahontas’ homeland of Virginia in search of gold and riches.

He plans to destroy the natives so that he can take their “gold” for himself.

John Smith (Pocahontas)

John Smith is a famous English explorer who joins the expedition to Virginia, ostensibly to deal with the natives.

While there, he meets Pocahontas, who teaches him to take a less materialistic and xenophobic look at the world.

Prince John (Robin Hood)

The anthropomorphic lion Prince John is the little brother of King Richard.

He conspires with Sir Hiss to send Richard on the crusades so that he can rule over England.

Prince John uses his position to fuel his greed, which brings him into conflict with Robin Hood and his men.

John Silver (Treasure Planet)

John Silver is a cybernetic pirate captain who leads the expedition to Treasure Planet.

He unexpectedly forms a bond with young Jim Hawkins, eventually forcing him to choose between riches and compassion.

John (WALL-E)

John is one of the human passengers aboard the Axiom.

He encounters WALL-E and likes him.

When the plant is revealed, John helps stop AUTO, and is then one of the first humans to return to earth in 700 years.

Johnny Worthington (Monsters University)

John “The Jaw” Worthington is the top scaring student at Monsters University, and is pretty full of himself.

He leads the Roar Omega Roar fraternity as they participate in the Scare Games and will do anything to win.

Jose Carioca (Saludos Amigos)

Jose is a Brazilian parrot from Rio de Janeiro who befriends Donald Duck when he visits South America.

The parrot and Donald team up with Panchito Pistoles to become the Three Caballeros.

Joshua Sweet (Atlantis)

Dr Joshua Strongbear Sweet is the medical officer on the expedition to find the lost island of Atlantis.

He is the son of an African American Buffalo Soldier and a Native American woman.

He does his best to try and save the King of Atlantis.

Joy (Inside Out)

Joy is Riley’s yellow emotion and the most important and active emotion in Riley’s body.

When Riley turns 11 and her family moves to New York, things start to go wrong for Riley, and Joy takes it on herself to fix things and put them back the way that they were.

Along the way, Joy learns that it is not about staying the same but adapting and finding new sources of joy.

Jubileena (Wreck-it Ralph)

Jubileena Bing Bing is one of the racing characters in the Sugar Rush game.

She is characterized by berry-themed confectionary and drives the Cherriot.

Judy Hopps (Zootopia)

Judy Hopps is determined to prove herself on the Zootopia Police Force, despite being a rabbit, which is a prey animal.

She jumps at the opportunity to take on a big case, which ends up being a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top.

She enlists the help of fox Nick Wilde.

Julieta Madrigal (Encanto)

One of the daughters of Alma, Julieta’s magical gift is to cook healing food.

She is the mother of Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel.

She loves and protects Mirabel when she seems to be born without magic, confronting matriarch Alma about her harsh attitude towards Mirabel.

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Julio (Coco)

Julio was Coco Rivera’s husband.

When he encounters his great-grandson Miguel in the Land of the Dead, he decides to help him.

Jumba (Lilo and Stitch)

Jumba Jookiba claims to be a scientist and evil genius.

He was responsible for creating Experiment 626, also known as Stitch.

In order to avoid prison for his experiments, Jumba is ordered to apprehend Stitch in Hawaii, something that proves difficult.

He soon finds himself helping to save his creation.

Jumbo (Dumbo)

Jumbo is a circus elephant and the mother of Dumbo.

When she defends her son against the circus employees she is thrown into solitary confinement.

Dumbo must show his worth and become a star to see her released.

Junior (The Jungle Book)

Hathi Jnr is better known as just Junior and is the son of the elephant Colonel Hathi.

He becomes friends with Mowgli and convinces his father to help protect him.

J. Worthington Foulfellow (Pinocchio)

Better known as Honest John, J. Worthington Foulfellow is a fox and a con artist.

With his partner Gideon, he decides to kidnap Pinocchio to create a traveling sideshow act.