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Disney Characters that Start with L

Disney Characters that Start with L

The wonderful world of Disney is a treasure trove of fantastic characters. It can be hard to remember and appreciate them all.

Can you name some of the popular Disney characters starting with L?

Disney characters that start with L include the dog Lady, Lewis Robinson, Lilo, Luca, and Lightning McQueen.

Also, gargoyle Laverne, candelabra Lumiere, Little John, and Linguini. Plus, the villains Lotso, Lucifer, and Lumpjaw.

Read on for a complete list of Disney characters beginning with L.


Lady (Lady and the Tramp)

Lady is a perfect Cocker Spaniel who belongs to John and Darling Dear.

Her life changes when she meets the street dog called Tramp.

Lady is also occupied with caring for her mistress when she is pregnant and caring for their young son when he arrives.

Soon after she has her own litter.

Lafayette (The Aristocats)

Lafayette, along with Napoleon, is one of a pair of bloodhounds that live on an abandoned windmill in the French countryside.

The pair loves chasing anything with wheels, but Lafayette often trips over his own ears.

Lalo (Ratatouille)

Lalo ran away from home at 12 to work in the circus as an acrobat but later found himself working as a saucier at Gusteau’s.

He quits his job at the end of the film after meeting Remy.

Lampwick (Pinocchio)

Lampwick is one of the older boys in the community who befriends Pinocchio on the streets.

The pair were sent to Pleasure Island, both due to their bad behavior.

He is a bit of a troublemaker and laughs at authority.

Lanky Schmidt (Monsters, inc.)

Nick Schmidt, better known as Lanky, is a magenta monster with long limbs.

He is the 10th top scarer on the leader board.

After a mild encounter with Boo, he tells an over-the-top story of how she blasted him with her laser vision.

Larousse (Ratatouille)

Larousse is the chef-garde manger at Gusteau’s and has a history as a gun for a resistance group.

He joined the celebrations when Skinner loses his position at the restaurant and they can stop selling frozen food.

Laverne (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Laverne is one of the three gargoyles that live in the bell tower and befriend the hunchback Quasimodo when he starts living there.

Laverne is a motherly figure and always encourages Quasimodo to follow his heart.

She sends off birds to attack Frollo when he makes trouble.

Laurel Lightfoot (Onward)

The widow Laurel Lightfoot is the mother of Barley and Ian, who know her simply as Mom.

The elf is a devoted single mother and only finds it in her heart to start dating again many years after her first husband’s death.

But the boys don’t think much of her police officer centaur boyfriend.

Lawrence (The Princess and the Frog)

Lawrence spent many years as the royal valet of Prince Naveen, but he was often treated with disrespect and humiliated.

When he finally had enough, he joined up with Dr Facilier to exact revenge and earn the respect in the community he thinks he deserves.

Lefou (Beauty and the Beast)

The foolish LeFou is the sidekick and sycophant of Gaston and helps him in his plans to try and trap Belle into marriage.

Despite choosing to remain in the background behind Gaston, Lefou is intelligent.

He is often the one who catches people out and gets them to reveal hidden truths.

Lefty (Meet the Robinsons)

Lefty is a one-eyed purple octopus who lives out of the water, and also works as the butler for the Robinsons.

He always opens the front door when the bell rings, and there unwittingly lets Dor-15 into the house.

He also fights with Tiny the T-Rex, ensnaring him with his tentacles.

Lewis (Meet the Robinsons)

Science prodigy Lewis was orphaned by his mother as a young boy and became obsessed with traveling back in time and preventing himself from becoming an Orphan.

When he is 12 years old, 42-year-old Lewis from the future shows up to try and change the past.

But he is not the only one keen to use the time machine to change things.

Libba Gardner (Soul)

Libba is the mother of Joe Gardner, the Middle School teacher who dreams of becoming a jazz musician.

She is a tailor and sensible businesswoman, but also her son’s biggest fan.

But she knows from her late husband that the life of a musician is hard, so always encouraged her son to have a backup plan.

Libby (The Good Dinosaur)

Libby is Arlo’s older sister for whom the challenges of dinosaur life seem easy.

She plows well, and always has a sense of humor.

Libby often defended her brother Arlo against her twin brother Buck’s bullying.

Lightning McQueen (Cars)

Lightning McQueen is a flashy sports car with big ambitions looking to make a name for himself.

At a low point, Lightning finds himself in Radiator Springs.

There he makes friends he didn’t know he needed and gets racing advice from unexpected sources.

Lilo (Lilo and Stitch)

Lilo is a young orphan girl who lives on the island of Kauai in the care of her older sister Nani.

The authorities aren’t sure if Nani has what it takes to look after Lilo.

This situation is made more complicated by the presence of the alien Stitch in the family, and the intergalactic powers that want to get their hands on him.

Ling (Mulan)

Ling is one of a trio of warriors that encounter Mulan when she joins the army.

Along with his friends Yao and Chien Po, Ling doesn’t initially like Mulan.

Eventually, they become close with the girl disguised as a boy.

Although surprised when her secret is revealed, they try to help her.

Linguini (Ratatouille)

Linguini is the son of Auguste Gusteau, the famous chef who lost his life after a run of bad luck and bad reviews.

After this, Linguini, hiding his identity, takes a job as a garbage boy at the restaurant.

But when he befriends the rat Remy, he plays the role of a world-class chef, with Remy calling the shots.

Together they try and save Linguini’s father’s restaurant from the money-hungry hands that seem determined to ruin it.

Mayor Lionheart (Zootopia)

Mayor Lionheart leads the city of Zootopia during a trying time when there is a conflict between predators and prey animals.

He believes that you shouldn’t be limited by what kind of animal you are.

The Major supports Judy, among others, to do unconventional things.

Mr. Litwak (Wreck-it Ralph)

Mr Litwak is the owner of the arcade where all the games in the Wreck-It-Ralph universe are located.

While he always puts the interests of his customers first, he has the terrible power of deciding which games get plugged in, and which get unplugged.

Little John (Robin Hood)

Little John is the large bear companion of Robin Hood.

He often needs to remind his friends of the potential danger of situations.

He encourages Robin to propose to Maid Marian and threatens Prince John himself when he says that he will put Robin to death.

Lizzie (Cars)

Lizzie is an old-fashioned car and the widow of Stanley, the car who founded Radiator Springs.

She has seen everything that has happened there over the years.

Becoming a little senile, she spends her day selling bumper stickers and mud flaps and telling locals and visitors home truths, before promptly forgetting exactly what she said.

Lizzy (Meet the Robinsons)

Lizzy is one of the participants in the science fair alongside a young Lewis.

She has a Wednesday Addams-style look and demeanor.

Lizzy uses the chaos created by Bowler Hat Guy at the science fair to deviously release her project of fire ants on the gym coach.

Lorenzo (Luca)

Lorenzo is Luca’s sea monster father. He is a goldfish herder and also raises prize-winning crabs.

When he and his wife Daniela discover that Luca is in the human world, they must break their principles and ascend to the human world to find him.

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Lotso (Toy Story 3)

Lotso the bear used to belong to Daisy, and he was her favorite.

But when he was accidentally left behind at the park, Daisy’s parents bought her a replacement bear.

Lotso, heartbroken, found himself at Sunnyside Daycare.

There he becomes cruel and sadistic as he tries to inflict the pain that he feels on other toys.

King Louie (The Jungle Book)

The orangutang King Louis is the leader of the ancient ruins where he hopes to learn the secret of men and become a man himself.

He is excited when he meets the man-cub Mowgli and wants to keep him there against the wishes of Bagheera and Baloo.

Chef Louis (The Little Mermaid)

Chef Louis is the cook in the castle of Prince Eric and his family.

He is determined to cook Sebastian to make a magnificent dinner, but the lobster always seems to be able to outwit and embarrass Louis.

Louis (The Princess and the Frog)

Louis is an alligator with a talent for playing the trumpet and dreams of becoming a professional musician.

Louis meets Tiana and Naveen as frogs in the bayou.

He agrees to help them, which also allows him to move closer to his own dream.

Luca (Luca)

Luca is a sea monster who decides to venture to the surface and see what it would be like to live in the human world.

His parents disapprove, so he soon finds himself hiding in the Italian town of Portorosso, and preparing a Vespa to compete in the Portorosso Cup with his best friend Alberto.

Lucifer (Cinderella)

Lucifer is the cat that belongs to Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters.

Not only is he cruel to Cinderella, but he also torments her mouse friends Gus and Jaq.

He also tries to prevent the mice from freeing Cinderella when Prince Charming arrives with the glass slipper.

Lucius Best (The Incredibles)

Frozone, The Incredibles, Disney

Lucius Best is better known to many as the superhero Frozone.

He can freeze water molecules to freeze surfaces or create ice.

When superheroes are outlawed, Frozone continues moonlighting as a superhero with his old friend Mr Incredible.

This made Frozone a target for Syndrome.

Lucky (101 Dalmatians)

Lucky is one of the 15 dalmatian puppies born to Pongo and Perdita, later kidnapped by Cruella De Vil.

Smaller and weaker than the other pups, Lucky had a lot of trouble during the escape.

When the dogs use soot to disguise themselves as Labradors, Lucky is the first to be exposed.

Lucky Jack (Home on the Range)

Little Jack is an unlucky desert jackrabbit who meets Maggie, Mrs Calloway, and Grace when they enter the desert looking for Alameda Slim.

He helps all the farm animals defeat the cattle rustler and finds himself a home among them.

Lucy (101 Dalmatians)

Lucy is a goose who is a close friend of the bloodhound Towser.

When Towser is participating in communications to locate and help the missing puppies, Lucy is at his side to help.

Luigi (Cars)

Luigi is a yellow Italian Fiat 500 from 1959 who owns the tire shop in Radiator Springs.

While he doesn’t race himself, Luigi is a racing fan and knows almost everything about racing.

In his opinion, nothing is better than an Italian Ferrari.

Luisa Rivera (Coco)

Luisa marries Enrique and becomes part of the Rivera family.

She is the mother of Miguel and baby Coco.

She worries for her son when he goes missing and is overjoyed when Miguel is able to help Mama Coco remember for a little while.

Luisa Madrigal (Encanto)

Luisa is one of the children of Julieta and Augustin.

Her gift is super strength, and she looks like a bodybuilder.

She believes that she needs to be emotionally strong as well as physically strong, but she is struggling with the pressure of her family commitments.

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Luke (The Rescuers)

Luke is a muskrat who lives among the Swamp Folk.

He is almost always drinking moonshine.

He helps the rest of the Swamp Folk fight their old enemy Medusa and helps Bernard and Bianca save Penny.

Lulubelle (Fun and Fancy Free)

Lulubelle is a wild bear who catches Bongo’s attention when he leaves the circus to live in the wild.

The female bear tries to show Bongo that she loves him but unintentionally pushes him away.

She is also pursued by the bear Lumpjaw.

Bongo helps her get rid of Lumpjaw and the two eventually find love.

Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast)

Lumiere was a Casanova maitre-d, but he was turned into a candelabra when the Beast and the rest of his household were cursed.

He often ignores the orders of his master.

But he does play an important role and helping Belle and the Beast get to know one another and find love.

Lucille (Meet the Robinsons)

Dr Lucille Kruncklehorn-Robinson is the adoptive mother of Robinson and an inventor herself.

She created a supercharged caffeine patch worth 12 cups of coffee.

She meets Lewis when she is judging the science fair and is impressed by his memory scanner.

Lumpjaw (Fun and Fancy Free)

Lumpjaw is a wild bear with a crush on the female bear Lulubelle.

But Lulubelle only has eyes for Bongo.

When Lumpjaw tries to win Lulubelle, he is brought into conflict with the circus bear Bongo.

Lyle Rourke (Atlantis)

Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke helped Milo’s grandfather find the Shepherd Journal with information about the location of Atlantis.

He later agrees to go on an expedition there with Milo.

But his hidden motive is to obtain the Heart of Atlantis for his own personal gain.