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Disney Characters that Start with Y

Disney Characters that Start with Y

Disney Studios are responsible for creating some of the most memorable characters in cinematic history.

Can you name some of the most popular Disney characters starting with Y?

Disney characters that start with Y include supporting characters Yao from Mulan, Yax from Zootopia, Yelena from Frozen 2, and Yeti from Monsters Inc.

The villainous sorceress Yzma, San Fransokyo gangster Yama, and sorcerer Yen Sid start with Y.

Read on for a complete list of Disney characters beginning with Y.


Yama (Big Hero 6)

With his sumo-style bots, Yama has made a name for himself on the San Fransokyo bot-fighting circuit.

He and Hiro have a strong rivalry, but Hiro better be careful since Yama is also a notorious criminal.

Yao (Mulan)

Yao is one of a group of three best friends fighting in the Chinese army.

The trio is in the same regiment as Mulan, disguised as a boy.

While they don’t like Mulan at first, they warm up to her and make her one of the gang.

They are surprised when her identity is revealed but also step up to protect her.

Yax (Zootopia)

Yax is a yak seeking enlightenment and the owner of a naturalist club known as the Mystic Springs Oasis in Zootopia.

When Judy comes looking for information about the missing Emmitt Otterton, a club member, he is happy to help in his special way.

Yelena (Frozen 2)

Yelena became the leader of the Northuldra people at the same time that the Enchanted Forest was encapsulated in mist for 34 years.

She is initially reluctant to help Elsa and Anna on their mission until she learns that their mother Iduna was Northuldran.

Yen Sid (Fantasia)

Yen Sid is a powerful sorcerer who appears in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment of Fantasia with Mickey as his young apprentice.

While he often uses his hat for magic, when Mickey uses it to wreak havoc, he can deal with it without the help of his hat.

Yesss (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Yess is an algorithm that runs the video sharing site BuzzzTube. She is only interested in what is trending.

When Ralph shows up, she’s not interested until it is revealed that he has a video with 100 million views.

Yeti (Monsters, inc.)

Yeti used to work at Monsters Inc until he discovered papers about the scream extractor. He was banished to the Himalayas.

He greets Mike and Sulley when they find themselves banished as well.

While he has happily adapted to life in the human world, he helps the pair get back to headquarters.

Yokai (Big Hero 6)

Robert Callaghan, Big Hero 6, Disney

Yokai is the alter ego of Robert Calligan, a former robotics professor who lost himself in his alter ego when his daughter was lost in a scientific experiment.

He blamed Alistair Krei for the accident and became determined to get revenge.

Yupi (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Yupi is the youngest child of Pacha and Chicha, born near the film’s end.

Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Yzma is a sorceress who used to work as an advisor for Emperor Kuzco. But the rude leader unceremoniously fired her.

Yzma became obsessed with killing Kuzco and stealing his friend.

But instead of killing him, she turns him into a Llama.