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Disney Characters that Start with R

Disney Characters that Start with R

Disney has created some of the most memorable characters in film history over the decades, and their animated characters are among the most beloved.

Can you name some of the most popular Disney characters starting with R?

Disney characters that start with R include Rapunzel, Ralph, Raya, Remy, Riley, Robin Hood, Russell, Rafiki of the Pride Lands, and Roo and Rabbit of the Hundred Acre Woods.

Villains Governor Ratcliffe and Professor Ratigan also start with R.

Read on for a complete list.


Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh)

Rabbit is one of Christopher Robin’s toys who lives as an anthropomorphic rabbit in the imaginary Hundred Acre Woods.

He tends to be uptight and fussy and he is always getting frustrated with the antics of his friends.

He is accident-prone, especially when surprised by Tigger.

Rabbit also produces honey, so is wary when Pooh comes to visit.

Rafiki (The Lion King)

Rafiki is a mandrill, which is a type of ape, that serves as the shaman and Royal Mjuzi of the Pride Lands. He lives at the Baobab tree.

Rafiki encounters the exiled Simba as an adult and realizes that he has an emotional burden.

He helps Simba work through them and find the courage to return to the Pride Lands and face his uncle.

Rajah (Aladdin)

Rajah is a pet tiger belonging to Princess Jasmine, he acts as both a protector and a companion.

He attacks one of the princes who tries to court Jasmine.

Rajah helps his mistress escape the palace when she is looking for a different life and comforts her when she returns.

He later helps Jasmine and Aladdin fight Jafar.

Ralph (Wreck-it Ralph)

Ralph is part of the 8-bit platform video game Fix-it Felix Jnr, with his role being to break things for Felix to fix.

This makes him feared by the Nicelanders who also live in the game.

Receiving no appreciation for his job of wrecking, he abandons his position and starts jumping into other games in search of a different life.

It is up to Felix to find him and convince him to return.

Ramone (Cars)          

Ramone is a 1959 Chevrolet Impala who owns and runs Ramone’s House of Body Art in Radiator Springs.

He likes to give himself a new paint job several times a week.

He is married to Flo and also joins Lightning McQueen’s pit crew when he comes to town.

Ramsey (The Good Dinosaur)

Ramsey is one of the teenage t-rex children of Butch who take a liking to Arlo when they discover him lost and looking for a way home.

She is fearless and intelligent and has a soft heart for those in need.

Ramsey is resilient. When her tail gets caught and she is stuck in front of a stampede of longhorns, she chews off the tip of her tail so that she can escape.

Rancis Fluggerbutter (Wreck-it Ralph)

Rancis Fluggerbutter is a character from the game Sugar Rush in the Wreck-it Ralph universe.

The theme of his characters is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Randall Boggs (Monsters, inc.)

Randall Boggs is another scarer at Monsters Inc, and he is incredibly jealous of Sulley, who is the top scarer and generally beloved.

As well as plotting to take the top scarer spot, he has a plan to extract screams from children by hurting them, which he thinks will revolutionize the company.

Rapunzel (Tangled)

Rapunzel is the princess of Corona, and due to circumstances around her birth, she was born with magical healing hair.

The wicked crone Gothel kidnapped her as a child and kept her in a tower so that she could use the power of Rapunzel’s hair.

When she turns 18, she meets a young con artist called Flynn Rider and escapes her tower to explore the world.

Along the way, she learns her true identity and history.

Ratcliffe (Pocahontas)

Governor Ratcliffe leads the English expedition to Virginia.

He is happy to exploit the land and the locals, determined to make his name and his fortune.

Conflict breaks out between the natives and the settlers, but while the others eventually want peace, Ratcliffe is still set on war.

He tries to kill Powhatan, but John Smith takes the bullet.

The rest of the party sends him back to England in disgrace.

Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)

Professor Ratigan has a scheme to take control of all mousedom, using an invention created by Me Flaversham, a toy maker, whom he kidnaps.

But when her father goes missing, Olivia Flaversham goes to Basil, the great mouse detective, and Ratigan’s arch enemy, to get her father back and stop his dastardly plan.

MrRay (Finding Nemo)

Mr Ray is the teacher at Nemo’s school in the reef.

He is close to his students when they choose to swim near the boat and swims in to protect them when divers enter the water.

But Nemo gets closer than the rest and is taken.

Ray (The Princess and the Frog)

Ray is a Cajun firefly who lives in the Bayou of New Orleans.

He helps Tiana and Naveen evade the frog hunters in the Bayou and faces Falicier’s demons.

While Ray eventually dies, this means that he is reunited with his love Evangeline, the evening star, since fireflies become stars when they die.

Raya (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Raya is the princess of Heart Land in Kumandra and she has trained her whole life to be the guardian of the Dragon Gem.

When the gem is broken, killing Raya’s father and unleashing a plague known as the Druun, Raya makes it her life mission to retrieve the pieces of the gem and restore prosperity to Kumandra.

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Razoul (Aladdin)

Razoul is the captain of the guard in Agrabah and he is serious about maintaining peace in the kingdom.

This led him into conflict with the street rat Aladdin on various occasions.

Razoul finally catches up with Aladdin when he is out with Princess Jasmine, and she uses her authority to have him released.

But she also reveals her identity, forcing her to return to the palace.

Red (Cars)

Red is a fire truck who lives in Radiator Springs and loves nothing more than serving his community.

He is also highly emotional, isn’t afraid to cry, and spends much of his time caring for his flowers.

Reggie (The Princess and the Frog)

Reggie is a frog hunter along with his two sons, Darnell, and Two-Fingers, who he treats abusively.

They have an extremely hard time trying to catch Naveen and Tiana, and Reggie comments that they aren’t like any other frogs they have seen.

Remy (Ratatouille)

Remy is a rat with a passion for food and cooking.

When he is unexpectedly separated from his family, he finds himself at the Paris restaurant Gusteau’s.

There he sees the dish boy Linguini trying to fix a soup that he spilled and doing a terrible job. Remy fixes the soup, which is served to great reviews.

Linguini saw what Remy did and noticed that the rat could understand him.

The pair figured out a way to work together, with Remy controlling Linguini to cook amazing food.

Rex (Toy Story)

Rex is one of Andy’s toys, a plastic dinosaur t-rex.

Despite being based on a ferocious animal, he tends to be insecure and worries a lot.

He is a leader of the toys along with Woody and helps him organize meetings.

Rex is also part of the decision to expel Woody when his rivalry with Buzz gets out of hand.

Rhino (Bolt)

Rhino is a hamster, and he also happens to be Bolt’s biggest fan. He never misses an episode.

Like Bolt, Rhino believes that what happens on the TV show is real.

So, when Bolt and Mittens show up at his house, he is eager to help them find Penny.

Rick Dicker (The Incredibles)

Rick Dicker is a government agent who used to work supporting superheroes and cleaning up their accidents.

He is now part of the government’s program to relocate them and help them settle into “normal” lives.

He is good friends with Bob and Helen Parr and always helps them when Bob exposes himself by helping people.

Rico (Home on the Range)

Rico is a cattle rustler who poses as a bounty hunter to win people’s trust.

The horse Buck idolized Rico and jumped at the chance to fight by his side.

But he soon realized that the supposed lawman is allied with Alameda Slim.

Riley (Inside Out)

Riley is a young girl from Minnesota. We explore what goes on inside her head as her emotions Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust help her experience the world.

Things start to change inside Riley when her parents move her from Minnesota to San Francisco.

Things that were joyful become sad, and some of her fundamental personality traits change.

Joy and Sadness find themselves deep inside Riley’s other cognitive functions as they find a way to work together and support a more grown-up Riley.

Ringmaster (Dumbo)

Ringmaster is the leader of the circus into which Dumbo is born with his mother Jumbo.

He locks up Jumbo when she attacks some people who were making fun of her son.

He then tries Dumbo in a variety of different circus shows, ultimately putting him with the clowns.

Rita (Oliver and Company)

Rita is a Saluki dog that is one of Fagin’s team of dogs.

Roscoe, one of Sykes’ dogs, has a crush on Rita, but she is unimpressed when he tries to flirt with her.

Robaire (Turning Red)

Robaire is the lead singer of the boy band 4* Town, which Mei is obsessed with!

When their show is disrupted by Ming as a large red panda, he and his bandmates sing to complete a circle needed for a ritual.

Robert Callaghan (Big Hero 6)

Robert Callaghan was a professor at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

But he went mad when his daughter was lost in a scientific experiment gone wrong.

Determined to get revenge on the man he blamed, Krei, he became a villainous entity known as Yokai.

Robin Hood (Robin Hood)

In Disney’s version of Robin Hood, the outlaw is an anthropomorphic fox.

He is still determined to steal from the rich and give to the poor during Prince John’s tyrannical rule and falls for the beautiful Maid Marian.

Roll (A Bug’s Life)

Roll is half of the duo Tick and Roll, a pair of Hungarian pill bugs that perform in the circus troupe.

They tend to argue a lot, and this is what makes their final Flaming Death act go wrong, and gets the entire circus troupe fired.

While they follow the others to Ant Island, they don’t tend to know what is going on because they don’t speak much English.

But their bickering amuses Hopper, which distracts him long enough for the others to save the Queen.

Rolly (101 Dalmatians)

Rolly is one of the 15 dalmatian puppies born to Perdita and Pongo. He is a little on the overweight side.

He is kidnapped with his sibling by Cruella De Vil.

Roger (101 Dalmatians)

Roger Radcliffe is the owner of Pongo. He meets Anita and Pongo meets her dalmatian Perdita. The four soon form a new family.

When Cruella wants to buy Pongo and Perdita’s puppies, Roger stands up to her and says no.

And when the puppies are kidnapped, Pongo and Perdita return with not only the original 15 puppies, but 84 more. Roger agrees to take them all in.

Roo (Winnie the Pooh)

Roo is one of Christopher Robin’s toys who lives as an animal in the imaginary Hundred Acre Woods.

He is a joey and the won of Kanga. He is good friends with Tigger, as the two enjoy bouncing around together.

Roquefort (The Aristocats)

Roquefort is a mouse that lives alongside Duchess and her kittens at the Bonfamille Residence.

When Duchess and her kittens go missing, he joins the search for them.

When the cats do return, he helps them outsmart the butler Edgar and avoid being sent away again.

Roscoe (Oliver and Company)

Roscoe is one of two Dobermans that belong to the villainous Bill Sykes and help him intimidate others, such as Fagan. He wears a red collar.

Roscoe has a crush on Fagan’s dog Rita and he uses his tough-guy attitude to try and impress her.

Rosie (A Bug’s Life)

Rosie is a black widow spider who works as a lion tamer in the circus. She goes to Ant Island when she is fired with the rest of the troupe.

While Rosie is reluctant to fight because she is not a warrior, she plays an important role in saving Dot and Francis from the bird, and the final battle against the grasshoppers.

Rosita (Coco)

Rosita is Coco’s sister-in-law, long since in the Land of the Dead.

She meets Miguel in the Land of the Dead. She helps expose Ernesto de la Cruz as a fraud and helps Miguel return to the Land of the Living.

Roy (Wreck-it Ralph)

Roy is one of the Nicelanders in the Fix-it Felix Jnr game.

Like the others, he is frustrated by the regular destruction caused by Ralph and does not appreciate his important role in the game.

Roz (Monsters, inc.)

Roz is a slug-like monster with a grouch demeanor that works at Monsters Inc.

She is the administrator of scare floor F and holds all the keys for the closet doors.

It is later revealed that she is an undercover agent for the Child Detection Agency trying to detect abuse of the closet doors.

Rudder (Finding Dory)

Rudder is one of the sea lions that live at the Marine Life Centre.

Along with friend Fluke, he spends most of his time bullying the less intelligent sea lion, Gerald. He is the smaller of the pair.

They meet Marlin and Nemo and help them get into the institute by summoning the loon Becky.

Rufus (The Rescuers)

Rufus is an elderly cat who is close friends with the orphan Penny.

He lives at the orphanage with Penny and provides Bernard and Miss Bianca with the information they need to find Penny when she goes missing.

Runeard (Frozen 2)

Runeard is the father of Agnarr and once ruled Arendelle.

While he seemed like a noble leader, he was in fact a paranoid tyrant.

He believed that magic posed a great threat to his kingdom and therefore resolved to destroy Northuldra.

Runt of the Litter (Chicken Little)

Runt of the Litter is a pig and a friend of Chicken Little’s at school.

While smaller than the rest of his family, he is huge compared to the other students.

Runt helps Chicken Little train to play baseball and then helps him when the alien presence is finally revealed.

Russell (Up)

Russell is a Junior Wilderness Explorer who needed an Assisting the Elderly badge.

He tries to assist Carl Fredrickson and ends up stowing away when Carl floats his home to Paradise Falls.

There Russell befriends the exotic bird Kevin and resolves to protect her from Charles Muntz.

His actions help Carl realize that while he mourns his lost wife, he is not taking care of the people he has in his life right now, like Russell.

Rusty (Home on the Range)

Rusty is the dog of the local Sheriff and good friends with the horse Buck.

He is a bit jealous when Buck teams up with Rico.

He is the one who picks up on Alameda Slim’s scent and helps the cows track him down.

Rutt (Brother Bear)

Rutt is a moose who meets and befriends Kenai when he becomes a bear.

Initially, he does not believe Kenai that he was once human.

But when Kenai saves him from human hunters, he respects his wisdom.

Ryder (Frozen 2)

Ryder is a member of the Northuldra tribe, trapped in the Enchanted Forest. He dreams of discovering the world beyond the mist.

He might just get his chance when Elsa and Anna show up.

Ryder also bonds with Kristoff over their shared love of reindeer.