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Disney Characters That Start with C

Disney Characters That Start with C

Disney studios have produced more than 60 full feature animated films since 1937, when Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was released.

That means literally hundreds of characters including princesses, dragons, church mice, and more.

Who are some of the most popular Disney characters with names beginning with C?

Some of the most popular Disney characters that start with C include Cinderella, Coco, Chicken Little, Carl from Up, Christopher Robin, and Chip. Some of Disney’s best villains beginning with C, include Chernabog, Cruella de Vil, and Claude Frollo.

Some of the most loved supporting characters include Aladdin’s Carpet, the Cheshire Cat, the smoking Caterpillar, Cogsworth, Crush, and Celia from Monsters Inc.

Keep reading for a complete list of Disney characters starting with C, plus short biographies.


Sergeant Calhoun (Wreck-It Ralph)

Tamora Jean Calhoun is the Sergeant of the Hero’s Duty and she is a natural leader.

She is driven by a personal revenge mission as she was forced to kill her first husband at their wedding when a Cy-Bug fused with him.

She finds love again with Fix-It Felix Jr and she decides to risk love and marriage again with him.

Dr. Calico (Bolt)

Dr Calico is a fictional villain in Bolt’s TV world. But Bolt believes that he is real and is determined to save Penny from him after a cliff-hanger episode.

The actor who plays Dr Calico is completely unaware of Bolt’s determination to stop him but is saved on various occasions thanks to the Director.

Calliope (Hercules)

Calliope is one of the Muses of Greek mythology. She and her fellow Muses are used in the Disney film Hercules as a Greek Chorus to narrate and move the action forward.

She is the Muse of epic poetry and leads the others in the Chorus, being the tallest, partly due to her very high hairstyle.

Mrs. Calloway (Home on the Range)

Mrs Calloway is one of Pearl’s cows who lives on the Little Patch of Heaven farm.

She likes to think of herself as the leader of the animals, and she clashes with Maggie when she arrives with new ideas.

Mrs Calloway must learn to get over her prim ways and trust others to save herself and the other farm animals from the cattle rustler Slim.

Camilo Madrigal (Encanto)

Camilo is one of the magical Madrigal family, the middle child of Pepa and Felix. He has quite the theatrical nature and is gifted with the power to shapeshift.

While Camilo likes to tease his young cousin Mirabel, he grows concerned when he learns that Bruno has visions about Mirabel and the disappearance of magic. He chooses to help his young cousin.

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Candlehead (Wreck-it Ralph)

Candlehead is one of the racers who appears in the Sugar Rush game, driving the Ice Screamer. She has a candle on her head which she doesn’t like to see extinguished.

She is a bit ditzy and easily convinced to bully Vanellope by her friend Taffyta.

When Vanellope is revealed as the true ruler of Sugar Rush, Candlehead wails claiming that the bullying was never her fault.

Carl (Meet the Robinsons)

Carl is the Robinson family’s robot. He has a slender gold body with long stretchy arms that lets him reach around corners. He is loosely based on C3P0 from Star Wars.

His main task is to watch young Wilbur and keep him out of trouble, which is a constant challenge!

Carl (Up)

Carl Frederickson is an ex-balloon seller and widower living alone in a house that he refuses to sell to developers.

When the courts force him to move, he uses excess old balloons to lift up his house and fly it to Paradise Falls, a place he always planned to visit with his wife.

On the way, he develops a close friendship with stow away Russell and learns to focus on the people that he has in his life now.

Carlotta (The Little Mermaid)

Carlotta is Prince Eric’s loyal maid. She takes a shine to Ariel when she turns up at the castle because she can see how happy Ariel makes the prince.

She has an unspoken affection for Grimsby, and the two are never far apart.

Carpenter (Alice in Wonderland)

The Carpenter is one of the many characters that Alice meets in Wonderland. He is the slightly ditzy but hard-working sidekick of Walrus.

The Walrus often tricks the Carpenter into doing all the work while he enjoys all the rewards.

The Carpenter eventually revolts when the Walrus eats a group of baby oysters without him.

Carpet (Aladdin)

Carpet is a sentient magic Persian carpet that comes to Aladdin’s rescue while he is retrieving the magic lamp from the Cave of Wonders.

The two form a friendship, like that between rider and steed, and the carpet helps Aladdin pursue Princess Jasmine, including taking the two on a magic carpet ride.

Casey Junior (Dumbo)

Casey is the young but dedicated train that carries the traveling circus that Dumbo is a part of to its various destinations.

The locomotive can be a little careless, such as braking too hard but cares greatly about the circus. He becomes very sad when they miss an appointment.

Cass (Big Hero 6)

Cass is Hiro and Tadashi’s aunt and takes them in when their parents die. While she is usually bust working at her Lucky Cat Café, she always has time to support the boys.

She often worries that she is not doing enough for the boys and that she doesn’t have the right parenting experience. But they appreciate her greatly.

Caterpillar (Alice in Wonderland)

The smoking Caterpillar is one of the characters that Alice meets in Wonderland.

At the time, Alice is only three inches tall, and she is looking for help to restore her height.

He speaks in riddles and asks difficult questions, and demands that Alice recite a poem. The Caterpillar eventually explains to her how she can restore her normal size.

Celia (Monsters, Inc.)

Celia is the receptionist at Monsters Inc and also Mike’s girlfriend.

She has pet names for many of the monsters including Googley Bear for Mike and Sulley-Wulley for Sulley.

She becomes upset with Mike when the appearance of Boo ruins their date. But when she realizes that it was Randall who ruined their date, she helps Mike distract Randall.

Chaca (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Chaca is one of Pacha’s two children and is often seen squabbling with her brother Tipo.

When the witch Yzma shows up at their family home, Chaca helps her father distract and humiliate the witch so that he can leave and help save the kingdom.

Chai (Raya and the Last Dragon)

When Raya shows up at the house of Dang Hai looking for the Dragon Gem, instead of finding Dang Hai, she finds Chai.

He is there putting flowers on the altar of Dang Hai and is not concerned by Raya pointing a sword at him.

Chai gives her the information she needs to continue seeking the gem.

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Charles Muntz (Up)

Charles Muntz is a famous explorer who was idolized by Carl and Ellie as children.

However, he fell out of favor when it was claimed that the bones of a tropical South American bird that he found were fake.

Muntz then dedicated his life to finding a live specimen of the bird, flying a zeppelin, and traveling with a team of dogs.

This puts him into conflict with Carl, who has befriended the bird that Muntz wants to capture.

Charlie (Finding Dory)

Charlie is Dory’s father. He lived in the Marine Life Institute where he and his wife Jenny were very protective of Dory due to her memory issues.

They invented many games to help her remember important things.

He is delighted when Dory finds them again and is relieved to learn that she has not been alone all these years.

Charlotte (The Princess and the Frog)

Charlotte, better known as Lottie, is a young New Orleans aristocrat and the daughter of Big Daddy. She is best friends with Tiana.

While she always wanted to marry a prince, she was not upset when Prince Naveen chose Tiana over her.

She helped the two restore their human forms after being turned into frogs.

Chernabog (Fantasia)

Chernabog is a demon and appears in the Night of the Bald Mountain sequence.

He is inspired by the Slavic god of night and is the god of the witches who gather near the mountain for the witch’s sabbath.

He and his demons are forced away by the sound of church bells and the rising of the sun.

Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)

Alice meets the Cheshire cat in Wonderland and asks him for help finding her way.

He is the one who directs her to the Mad Hatter and later the Queen of Hearts.

The cat constantly humiliates the queen, though she blames Alice. This leads to the final showdown between Alice and the queen, and Alice finding her way home.

Chet Alexander (Monsters University)

Chet, also known as “the Claw”, is a one-eyed monster who looks like a crab. He attends Monsters University and is a member of the Roar Omega Roar group.

Chet is a sycophant to ROR leader Johnny Worthington and often acts as a henchman.

Chicha (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Chicha is Pacha’s loyal, loving, and understanding wife. She is devoted to raising her children and finds fulfillment in being useful, even when heavily pregnant.

She struggles to accept Kuzco in her home because of his appalling manners, but she does.

Her kind and humble manner teach the emperor many important lessons.

Chicharron (Coco)

Chicharron lives in the Land of the Dead, but he is slowly fading because he has no relatives to remember him.

He strikes up a friendship with Hector over their shared love of music.

The young Miguel agrees to use Chicharron’s guitar in his music competition to protect Hector from suffering the same fading fate.

Chicken Little (Chicken Little)

Chicken Little sees an object in the sky and thinks that the sky is falling. When he tries to warn the village, he is declared insane and made an outcast.

After a few years, Chicken Little is working hard to restore his image, and it is working until he sees the same object in the sky.

It turns out to be an alien spaceship. One of the aliens needs his help.

Chick Hicks (Cars)

Chick Hicks is a green 1979 Shyster Cremlin.

His nickname is the “Runner-up” because he always seems to come in second. This drives him to become obsessed with winning the Piston Cup.

He becomes desperate when Lightning McQueen starts racing and now, he is not only second on the podium, he is coming in third.

He becomes the major villain as he will do anything to win.

Chief (The Fox and the Hound)

Chief, along with Copper, is one of the hunting dogs that belongs to Amos Slade.

An Irish Wolfdog, he takes a while to warm up to Copper when Slade brings him home but eventually becomes an affectionate mentor.

Chief, like Amos, wants to catch Tod the fox. When chasing Tod leads to injury, he finds that he enjoys curling up in front of the fire.

Chien-Po (Mulan)

Chien Po, along with Yoa and Ling, are three best friends who are recruited into the Chinese army at the same time as Mulan.

The trio doesn’t like Mulan, but they soon develop a close friendship. They work to stop her execution once she is exposed.

Chi-Fu (Mulan)

Chi-Fu is one of the trusted advisors of the Chinese emperor. He is arrogant and old-fashioned and ends up in conflict with most of the people around him.

He shows himself to be misogynistic and a mummy’s boy, and also highly sycophantic in his relationship with the emperor.

Chip (Beauty and the Beast)

Chip was a seven-year-old boy and the son of Mrs Potts, who worked for the Beast.

When the prince was cursed to be the beast, many members of his household were also cursed to become household objects. Young Chip became a teacup.

He is curious and brave, helping Belle and her father.

While he is afraid of the Beast, he helps him as well. The boy and Belle form a close friendship.


Chip is one of the two chipmunks that form the pair Chip and Dale. He has a chocolate chip nose, while Dale has a red nose.

He is the smarter of the pair, who are always getting into mischief at someone else’s expense.

They are best known as the nemeses of Donald Duck.

Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh)

Christopher Robin is the young boy who owns the toys that live in the Hundred Acre Woods, including Winnie the Pooh.

It is his imagination that creates the wood and its adventures, and he is usually there to participate in the antics of his toys.

He often talks to Pooh about the challenges of growing up.

Chuckles (Toy Story 3)

Chuckles is a stuffed clown toy who finds himself with the crew and Bonnie after accidentally being left behind at the park.

This is when Chuckles lost his smile.

When Andy’s toys arrive at Bonnie’s house, Chuckles warns them about Sunnyside day care center and what his former toy companion Lotso is up to there.

Chum (Finding Nemo)

Chum is a mako shark and a member of the Fish-Friendly Sharks support group.

He is hyperactive, and despite trying his hardest, accidentally ate one of his fish friends.

Chum meets Marlin and Dory when Anchor brings the pair to a support meeting.

Ciccio (Luca)

Ciccio, along with his friend Guido, are boys who are friends with Ercole Visconti and sometimes act as his henchmen, which brings them into conflict with Luca.

Eventually, they get fed up with Ercole’s bossy nature and refuse to help him in his plan. They end up pushing him into a fountain and leaving him.

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Cinderella (Cinderella)

Cinderella is an orphan who finds herself living with her evil stepmother and ugly stepsisters who treat her like a servant.

When she is prevented from attending a special ball, Cinderella’s fairy godmother shows up to help.

She meets Prince Charming, but she must be home before midnight.

Clarabelle Cow

Clarabelle the cow has been best friends with Minnie Mouse since the 1930s.

She also dates Horace Horsecollar on occasion, but also sometimes Goofy.

Clarabelle is often unimpressed by Mickey’s antics and is protective of Minnie. She wears cowbells as jewelry and regularly tells cow jokes.

Claude Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Claude Frollo is a powerful Judge in Paris who zealously persecutes those who he considers “sinners”.

A series of unexpected events see him become the guardian of Quasimodo, better known as The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

He has a particular dislike for “gypsies” and tries to eradicate them.

He comes into conflict with Quasimodo when the hunchback tries to help the gypsy Esmeralda escape.

Clayton (Tarzan)

Clayton is hired by Archimedes and his daughter Jane to help them travel to Africa and encounter a group of Apes living there.

But, far from supporting their scientific mission, he intends to use them to capture gorillas and sell them on the black market.

He later becomes obsessed with killing Tarzan, but the jungle eventually claims him for his crimes.

Cleo (Pinocchio)

Cleo is a delightful goldfish that lives with Geppetto and Pinocchio.

She often responds to what is happening in the workshop with animated facial expressions.

When Pinocchio goes missing, Cleo accompanies Geppetto and Figaro in the search for them, and Pinocchio eventually sacrifices himself to save them from the belly of a whale.

Clio (Hercules)

Clio is one of the Greek Muses that appears in the movie Hercules. Together the five of them form a Greek Chorus and offer narration to move the story forward.

Clio is the Muse of history. She is identifiable by the scroll that she always carries.

Clopin (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Clopin is the leader of the gypsy people living in Paris. He often performs street theatre and uses puppets to tell stories and fill in the story.

Clopin is willing to go to drastic measures to try and protect his people against Judge Frollo. He even threatens to kill Quasimodo at one point.

Clotho (Hercules)

Clotho is one of the three Fates that appear in Hercules. She shares just one eye with her two sisters, but they can see all things through it.

They warn Hades that Hercules will interfere with his plans to take over Mount Olympus, which is why the baby Hercules is kidnapped.

The Fates decide the deaths of all men, but they cannot kill gods.

When they are ready to kill Hercules, his thread turns into the unbreakable golden thread of a god.

Cobra Bubbles (Lilo and Stitch)

Cobra used to be a CIA agent, but he has given that up to become a social worker.

When he visits Nani to see if she is capable of taking care of her younger sister Lilo after the death of their parents, he decides she is not up to the job.

Lilo later needs his help to save her alien pet Stitch. It turns out that Cobra has experience with aliens, having been in Roswell in 1973.

Coco (Coco)

Coco Rivera has had a long and full life, but she has been estranged from her father for many years.

She is close to her grandson Miguel, but her relationship with her family is deteriorating due to her failing memory.

When Miguel finds himself turned into a spirit, he learns some of Coco’s secrets and a way to save her fading memory.

Cody (The Rescuers Down Under)

Young Cody is an Australian boy who finds himself embroiled in international mouse intrigue when he saves a golden eagle called Marahute that is tied up.

Cody is later kidnapped by a poacher called McLeach for his actions, and it is up to the mouse rescuers to save him.

Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast)

Cogsworth was the human butler of the prince before the Enchantress turned him into a Beast.

Many of his household servants were also transformed, and Cogsworth became a pendulum clock.

When Belle turns up, he joins the other servants in trying to get Belle and the Beast to fall in love so that they can lift the curse.

Colette (Ratatouille)

Colette Tatou is a talented chef at Gusteau’s in Paris and is widely considered the toughest cook in the kitchen.

She falls for Linguini, the son of Gusteau, who pretends to cook with the rat Remi.

The three, Collete, Linguini, and Remi, eventually build a successful restaurant together.

Colonel (101 Dalmatians)

Colonel is an Old English Sheepdog who is friends with the Dalmatian couple Pongo and Perdita and helps them save their puppies when they are taken by Cruella de Vil.

He is able to pass messages within the dog community through the Twilight Barking Chain.

He uses this to alert the canine community about the rescue of the puppies.

Colt Bronco (Onward)

Colt is a Centaur and a police officer. He is dating Laurel Lightfoot and struggling to build a relationship with her two sons.

He tries to juggle the roles of surrogate father and cop.

A perilous adventure that involves facing down a stone dragon at the high school allows them to grow closer.

Connie (Soul)

Connie is a middle school student who loves to play the trombone.

She joins the school band led by Joe but tries to quit, due to school and social pressures.

But she is drawn back into the band because there is nothing that she loves more than playing.

Cookie is part of the expedition to the lost city of Atlantis, serving as crew cook, though no one seems to think much of his culinary skills.

He seems to have a history with the crew as a sharpshooter.

Cookie sides with Milo and argues that Atlantis should be protected and not destroyed. He joins the fight to save the island.

Copper (The Fox and the Hound)

Copper the dog is adopted by hunter Amos Slade as a puppy and trained as a hunting dog.

He also develops an unlikely friendship with the tame fox of the Widow Tweed, Tod.

While Copper remains loyal to his master Slade, he does not let him hurt Tod. This is challenging until Tod eventually saves both Slade and Copper from a bear.

Coral (Finding Nemo)

Coral is a clown fish who meets Marlin and falls in love. Together they made 400 eggs.

Sadly, a barracuda ate Coral and 399 of her eggs.

Only Marlin and a single egg, which would hatch to become Nemo, survived.

Corey the Manticore (Onward)

Corey is a manticore, part lion, part bat, part scorpion, and one thousand years old and counting.

She was once a fearless warrior, but as the world changed and there was no longer a call for this, she became a family-friendly tavern owner.

She helps Ian and Barley on their quest.

Creeper (The Black Cauldron)

Creeper is a loyal minion of the Horned King. But while he does his best, he is often blamed when things go wrong, and the Horned King will choke him.

Creeper helps his master to use the black cauldron to create an army of the dead.

He must later watch the cauldron take revenge on his master.

Cri-Kee (Mulan)

Cri-Kee is a lucky cricket given to Mulan by her grandmother. He works with the dragon Mushu to protect Mulan as she joins the Chinese army.

While Cri-Kee proclaims throughout the movie that he is not really lucky, as he survives the war and makes Mulan a war hero, everyone starts to believe that he may be very lucky indeed.

Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians)       

Cruella is a rich heiress obsessed with fashion and with a particular passion for exotic fur.

When she sees her old friend Anita’s 15 dalmatian puppies, she becomes obsessed with owning them and making a coat.

When Anita refuses to part with the puppies, Cruella resorts to underhanded tactics and eventually gets her hands on 101 dalmatians.

But the dog community is determined to save them.

Crumbelina (Wreck-it Ralph)

Crumbelina is one of the racing characters in Sugar Rush. She loves Italian desserts.

Her hat looks like tiramisu, and her kart is called the Tira-Missile.

She comes across as posh and has extravagant tastes. But she is highly competitive when it comes to the race.

Crush (Finding Nemo)

Crush is a 150-year-old sea turtle who spends his days surfing the ocean currents. He has the personality of your typical surfer dude.

He meets Marlin and Dory as they are trying to find Nemo.

Crush is happy to help them travel the ocean, but they need to hold onto his shell for dear life!

Cruz Ramirez (Cars 3)

Cruz is a modern design sports car with Spanish roots.

Despite being top of the line, she still believes in the potential of older cars like Lightning McQueen, who she has respected for many years.

She works as a trainer at the Rust-eze Racing Center and has an unconventional approach.

Cruz knows that winning can be about more than just speed.

Curly (Soul)

Curly was a student of the Jazz musician Joe Gardner and is now a drummer in the Dorothea Williams Quartet.

He has a soft spot for his old mentor and is willing to help him save his soul.