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Disney Characters that Start with D

Disney Characters that Start with D

Did you know that Donald Duck has appeared in more Disney movies than any other character?

And he is only one of the scores of popular Disney characters with names starting with D.

Alongside Donald Duck, other popular Disney characters with names that start with D include Dumbo, Dale, Daisy Duck, Dory, Dash Parr, Dot, Duchess, Doc, and Dopey.

Let’s not forget Basil’s partner Dawson, the rhino beetle Dim, and Dot!

Many Disney villains also have D names including Darla, Dor-15, DeSoto, Diablo, and the ugly stepsister Drizella.

Keep reading for a complete list of Disney characters with names starting with D.


Dachsie (Lady and the Tramp)

Dachsie is one of the pound dogs in Lady and the Tramp. As his name suggests, he is a dachshund or a sausage dog.

He hates living in the pound and is desperate to escape. Dachsie often sings and howls with his fellow dogs.

Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck was introduced in the 1940s as the girlfriend of Donald Duck and close friend of Minnie Mouse.

She comes across as a bit of a diva and has a sassy personality.

Daisy often scolds Donald for his short temper but can be similarly quick to anger.

She is one of the core “Sensational Six” Disney characters.


Dale is one of the pair of chipmunks that make up Chip and Dale.

He can be identified by his red nose and the gap between his front teeth.

Dale doesn’t seem to be as bright as his buddy Chip but has a more easy-going personality.

The pair’s gluttonous love of acorns often means that they make trouble, usually for other people.

Dallben (The Black Cauldron)

Dallben is the greatest wizard in the land of Prydain, and he cares for the oracle-telling pig Hen Wen.

He also found young Taran as a baby and raised him as his son.

He tries to prevent Taran from participating in the fight against the Horned King to protect his young charge.

Dang Hai (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Dang Hai is the chief of Talan and attends an important meeting to try to create peace across Kumandra.

The slightly arrogant ruler is turned into stone by Druun but is later restored to life.

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Dang Hu (Raya and the Last Dragon)

When Dang Hai is turned to stone, Dang Hu took over as ruler of the floating city of Talin from her son.

She comes across as a kind old woman, but she is very devious.

She uses Druun’s attack to her own advantage.

Daniela (Luca)

Daniela is the mother of the titular characters Luca.

She is a sea monster who is very concerned about the idea of Luca going to the surface.

She eventually relaxes her attitude after being forced up to the human world with her husband to find Luca.

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Danny (101 Dalmatians)

Danny is a brown Great Dane who lives in Hampstead with his Scottish Terrier friend.

He is alerted to the 15 puppies being stolen by the Twilight Bark.

He helps parents Pongo and Perdita find the location of the puppies and introduces them to the Colonel.

Dante (Coco)

Dante is a stray dog who is adopted by Miguel and then helps him on his quest to find Hector.

He often guides Miguel in the right direction, despite appearing a bit slow-witted.

Dante is able to sense spirits and can exist as a living creature in the land of the dead.

Darby Steel (Lightyear)

Darby Steel was doing time in prison, but she was released when she agreed to join Junior Zap Patrol as an explosives expert.

She can turn almost anything into something that can blow up!

Darla (Finding Nemo)

Darla is the eight-year-old niece of Philip Sherman who wanted to get Nemo as a pet fish.

This was a frightful prospect as her enthusiasm often accidentally kills her fish.

When Nemo plays dead in the bag to avoid being adopted, she assumed that he is sleeping and tries to wake him. This results in an escape.

Darling (Lady and the Tramp)

Darling is the owner of the dog, Lady.

She is very loving towards her dogs and even convinced her husband to let Lady sleep in the bed with them.

They are happy to adopt Tramp and Angel alongside Lady and also care for all of her puppies in a dog-friendly household.

Darnell (The Princess and the Frog)

Along with Reggie and Two Fingers, Darnell is a frog hunter.

The son of Reggie, Darnell is large, not very intelligent, and often creates problems for the group.

The three hunters encounter Tiana and Neveen in frog form and decide to catch them to eat.

Monsieur D’Arque (Beauty and the Beast)

Monsieur D’Arque is the sadistic manager of a local insane asylum who arrives in the village to take away Belle’s father Maurice.

He agreed to do this to help Gaston blackmail Belle to marry him. Fortunately, the plan falls through.

Dash (The Incredibles)

Dash is the son of Bob and Helen and is blessed with superpowers, which he must hide.

This makes it hard for him to fit in and make friends. Instead, he uses his powers to make trouble.

His first encounter with a supervillain in the first movie gives him some perspective and maturity and finds a better way to live with his powers.

David Kawena (Lilo and Stitch)

David is a surfer and the boyfriend of Nani, Lilo’s older sister.

He has a good relationship with young Lilo and the alien Stitch.

He struggles to find employment and often causes accidental problems, such as setting the stage on fire during a performance.

Dawson (The Great Mouse Detective)

David Q. Dawson is the equivalent of Dr Watson to Basil’s Sherlock.

He becomes close to Basil after arriving in London having served in the British military.

He is the one who meets Olivia after her father has been kidnapped and wants to help her against professor Ratigan.

Deanna (Wreck-it Ralph)

Deanna is one of the Nicelanders who features in the game Fix-It Felix Jr.

She likes Felix and will often try to spend time with him, but can’t stand Ralph, who often mispronounces her name.

She wears satin gloves, a floral dress, and glasses in the shape of cat eyes, all in various shades of purple.

Deb (Finding Nemo)

Deb is one of the fish that lives in the fish tank in the dentist’s office, where she meets Nemo.

She believes that her reflection in the glass is her twin sister Flo.

Deb escapes from the fish tank with the others but continues to seek out her reflection in the ocean.

Denahi (Brother Bear)

Denahi is an Inuk and the brother of Sitka and Kenai.

When Sitka is killed by a bear after a dispute caused by Kenai, he blames his brother for what happened.

When Kenai tries to redeem himself, he is transformed into a bear.

Denahi believes that the bear killed Kenai and therefore swears to hunt him down and kill him.

DeSoto (Oliver and Company)

DeSoto is one of the two Dobermans that belongs to the villain Bill Sykes.

The other is called Roscoe. He can be distinguished by his red collar.

The two are a pair of violent mobster goons, but appear to be very loyal to one another.

DeSoto tries to kill Oliver after the death of Roscoe.

Destiny (Finding Dory)

Destiny is a whale shark who lives in the Marine Life Institute.

She is very clumsy due to her poor eyesight.

Destiny knew Dory as a young fish when the pair used to talk in the pipes.

Dory reappears to find her parents; Destiny is happy to help.

Dewdrop (Onward)

Dewdrop is the leader of the Pixie Dusters, a gang of motorcycle fairies.

While being small, she has a big voice that she uses to intimidate others.

She tries to lead a raid to kill the local elves, but when her magic is restored and the pixies are able to fly again she becomes much more agreeable.

Dez (Soul)

Dez is a long-term friend of protagonist Joe, having been his barber for many years. He usually listens to Joe talk about jazz.

When Joe’s body gets taken over by 22, he asks Dez about himself.

He admits that he is happy that Joe has finally shown some interest in him for a change.

Diablo (Sleeping Beauty)

Diablo is the pet raven of Maleficent and helps her with her evil plots.

Of all her minions he is the most competent and the two seem to share a genuine affection for one another.

He helps Maleficent find Aurora, and then captures Prince Philip and holds him hostage.

Diablo is turned into stone while trying to prevent the prince from escaping.

Diaz (Lightyear)

Airman Efren Diaz is an acquaintance of Buzz Lightyear and is among the astronauts marooned on a hostile planet a long way from Earth.

He helps Buzz on his mission to travel across 4.2 million light-years, and across time.

Digger (The Rescuers)

Digger is a digging mole who lives among the Swamp Folk.

They are enemies of Madame Medusa and help Bernard and Bianca to rescue Penny.

Dim (A Bug’s Life)

Dim is a rhinoceros beetle and part of the circus troupe.

He plays a ferocious beast despite having a timid and docile personality.

Dim helps the Queen and Dot against the grasshopper Thumper, hiding the Queen and helping Dot scare him away.

Dinah (Alice in Wonderland)

Dinah is Alice’s pet kitten. Alice is playing with Dinah at the start of the film when she first notices the White Rabbit.

Dinah chases the White Rabbit with Alice and sees her fall down the home.

Alice waves goodbye to Dinah as she falls, but the two are reunited when Alice returns.

Lord Dingwall (Brave)

Lord Dingwall is a rather short Scottish Lord who arrives with his son Wee and presents him as a suitor for Princess Merida.

He enjoys a scuffle and isn’t afraid to take on anyone, but he ultimately has his heart in the right place.

Wee Dingwall (Brave)

Wee Dingwall, the son of a Lord, is one of the many suitors that compete for Princess Merida’s hand in marriage.

Despite not having a strong physique, he hits a perfect bullseye in the archery competition.

He says very little but has a genuine affection for Merida.

Dinky (The Fox and the Hound)

Dinky is a sparrow who is best friends with the woodpecker Boomer.

The pair are often helping the owl Big Mama or trying to catch the caterpillar Squeaks.

Dinky is the smaller but smarter of the pair, which provides most of the comic relief in the film.

They help Big Mama find a home for the Fox Tod and then help the Widow Tweed release him into a nature reserve.

Disgust (Inside Out)

Disgust is one of the five emotions that live inside Riley.

She is the green emotion and has very high expectations, which are easily shattered.

She becomes more powerful inside Riley when her family moves to San Francisco and encounters many new things.

Djali (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Djali is the mischievous goat who accompanies Esmerelda and often steps in to protect her.

The goat is often harassed by the gargoyle Hugo.

Django (Ratatouille)

Django is the leader of the rat colony and the father of Remy and Emile.

He recognizes Remy’s talent for food and smells and assigns him to sniff out rat poison.

While he initially disapproves of Remy spending time with humans, he eventually helps the restaurant against Skinner and the Health Inspector.

Doc (Snow White)

Doc is the leader of the seven dwarves who take in Snow White when she escapes the huntsman.

He is responsible for examining the diamonds and for time keeping and is generally considered the most intelligent in the group.

Doc Hudson (Cars)

Doc Hudson is a dark blue 1951 Hudson Hornet.

A member of the Radiator Springs community, he was a motor medic and is also the traffic court judge.

He was a prize-winning racing car in his youth, but this ended in disaster, so his decision to help Lightning McQueen represents a kind of second chance.

Dodger (Oliver and Company)

Based on the characters of the artful Dodger, this dog is the leader of Fagin’s canine gang.

He takes the cat Oliver under his wing and teaches him about life on the streets.

While Dodger is part of Fagin’s scheme to use Oliver, he also cares for the young cat and helps and protects him in many situations.

Dodo (Alice in Wonderland)

Alice encounters Dodo in Wonderland as he floats in the sea in a bottle.

When he and his companions arrive on dry land, Dodo leads a caucus race, which involves running around in a circle to get dry.

Dodo also recruits Bill the Lizard to get a monster, an oversized Alice, out of the house of the White Rabbit.

Doli (The Black Cauldron)

Doli is the pixie companion of King Eidilleg who meets Taran and his friends when they get trapped in the realm of the Fair Folk.

He agrees to help them travel through the land to their final destination, which earns him the coveted ability to become invisible.

Dolly (Toy Story 3)

Dolly is a rag doll that already belonged to Bonnie when Andy’s toys show up.

She considers herself the leader of the toys and is often sarcastic and sassy.

She tries to convince Woody not to return to the Sunnyside Day-care after she learns what a horrible place it is.

Dolores (Encanto)

Dolores is the eldest child of Pepa and Felix and her magical gift is enhanced hearing.

This means that she often hears things that she shouldn’t.

Dolores has a secret crush on Mariano which she feels unable to act on due to dire warnings about the future.

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Don (Monsters University)

Don Carlton, often known as Dangerous Don, is the leader of the Oozma Kappa fraternity at Monsters University.

A mature-age student, he used to be a sales monster but has returned to school to learn how to scare.

Don (Wreck-it Ralph)

Don is one of the Nicelanders in the Fix-It Felix Jnr game.

He wears a captain’s uniform and has a passion for making boats in a bottle.

He is afraid of Ralph since he tends to wreck their happy community on a regular basis.

Donald Duck

One of the most iconic Disney characters, Donald Duck was introduced in 1934 as a friend to Micky Mouse.

Since then, he has become the problem child of the Disney family due to his hot temper.

He tends to have bad luck, mostly caused by his own greed.

He has starred in 190 films, more than any other Disney character.

Doorknob (Alice in Wonderland)

The Doorknob guards the door at the end of the rabbit hole that marks the entrance to Wonderland.

He teaches Alice about growing and shrinking as she tries to follow the White Rabbit through the door into Wonderland.

Dopey (Snow White)

Dopey is one of the seven dwarves that let Snow White live with them after she escapes the woodsman.

He is the youngest of the dwarves and does not speak.

He is also well known for his silly antics.

Dr. Delbert Doppler (Treasure Planet)

Dr Doppler is an alien that looks like a cross between a dog and a human and is the guardian of Jim Hawkins, who he joins on his adventure to Treasure Island.

He is more of an academic than an adventurer and often feels useless to help the people that he cares about.

He develops an affection for Captain Amelia.

Dormouse (Alice in Wonderland)

The Dormouse is a sleepy and lazy mouse that Alice meets at the tea party of the Mad Hatter.

He sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat.

When there is mention of a cat, he flies into a panic and has to have jam spread on his nose for him to calm down.

Dor-15 (Meet the Robinsons)

Dor-15 is a robot that was invented by Cornelius Robinson as a “helping hat”, but she rebelled and learned to take control of anyone who wears her.

While she was initially detected and deactivated, she soon escapes and decides to steal a time machine to destroy the future.

Dorothea Williams (Soul)

Dorothea leads the Dorothea Williams Quartet from the front playing her saxophone.

She gives the protagonist Joe the opportunity to play with her at the Half Note Club, despite skepticism about his talent.

She eventually accepts that Joe is a talented pianist and much more than just a Middle School teacher.

Dory (Finding Nemo)

Dory is a blue tang fish with a terrible memory but an extremely friendly and sociable disposition.

She tags along with Marlin to help him find his son Nemo.

While Marlin initially finds her frustrating, they form a fast friendship.

In Finding Dory, it is Marlin’s turn to help Dory discover her past.

Dot (A Bug’s Life)

Dot is a small female bug who is forbidden to fly because her wings are not yet big enough to carry her weight.

She finds herself fascinated by Flik and the two form a friendship following an encounter with dangerous grasshoppers.

Despite her youth and size, it is Dot who stands up to the grasshoppers, showing that she has the power to be queen one day.

Double Dan (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Double Dan is a creature made from canned meat who has a conjoined little brother, called Little Dan, in the folds of his neck.

Together they run the Dark Net Apothecary.

Double Dan gives Ralph a virus named Arthur in order to infect the Slaughter Race game.

Drizella (Cinderella)

Drizella is the oldest of Cinderella’s two ugly stepsisters.

She has already decided that money and power and more important to her than love in marriage.

Her temper is triggered when Cinderella is wearing her homemade dress and a necklace that Drizella previously said that she did not want.

She and her sister Anastasia then tear Cinderella’s dress to shreds.

Duchess (The Aristocats)

Duchess is an elegant white pet cat and the mother of the three kittens Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse.

She teaches the kittens to play music.

When it is learned that Duchess’ owner intends to leave her fortune to her cats, they are drugged and removed from their home.

She must find her way home with her children, with a little help from some new friends.

Ducky (Toy Story 4)

Ducky is a fluffy yellow duck toy that finds himself attached to Bunny, another plush toy.

Bunny and Ducky initially antagonize Buzz when they meet him on the prize wall.

But when Woody convinces them that they can be adopted by Bonnie, Ducky and Bunny join sides with the other toys.

Dug (Up)

Dug is a golden retriever that belongs to the adventurer Charles Muntz.

He has a special collar that allows him to speak English.

When Dig meets Carl Frederickson, he is immediately attracted to his energy, and he joins up with Carl to foil his former master’s plans.

Duke Caboom (Toy Story 4)

Duke Caboom is a 1970s motorcycle riding, action figure who has been out of action in the toy world for decades until he meets Bo Peep.

She gives him a much-needed confidence boost after feeling like he failed his child.

He helps the troupe on their latest escapade.

Duke Weaselton (Zootopia)

Duke Weaselton is a minor criminal known for bootlegging and petty theft that has many encounters with the Zootopia police.

Judy learns that Duke is a minor player in a digger scheme.

Questioning him, with the help of crime boss Mr Big, helps her unravel the bigger plot.

Duke of Weselton (Frozen)

The Duke of Weselton is an opportunistic and avaricious man who hopes to use the inauguration of the young Queen Elsa of Arendelle to his advantage.

When he learns that she has magical powers, he immediately begins to fear her and becomes determined to kill her.

Dumbo (Dumbo)

Dumbo is a young elephant born into the circus.

But his small size and incredibly large ears make him the victim of bullying and he develops low self-esteem.

But when his mother is mistreated because she was trying to protect him, Dumbo must learn to become a circus star to save her.

Duncan (Wreck-it Ralph)

Duncan, along with his partner Wynnchel, are donut security officers who end up acting as henchmen for King Candy.

The donut Duncan tends to rely on Wynnchel to lead the way and usually ends up doing most of the pair’s work.